My passion

I pick a bunch of grapes and feel the twisted strenght of life coming out from wine shoots.
Like a red claw, she wrings a smile from me.
Like a melodic song, she fills me with joy.
She is the vegetable part of my story, the perpetual passion, the Norman harmonic essence that enchants generations.
And we have to learn to interpret the dreams and fortune that she promises.
Along these vineyards, made of harsh and several rules, like a sanctuary of arms and labour, while I grace you with my lips, I can feel the fascinating essence of the past and the nervous presence of what will be.
Since I was a child everybody in the village used to call me Zicorrà, uncle Corrado. Last of thirteen children, I wasn’t born yet, but already had three nephews. My sons, Mario and Nicola, gave our Aglianico this family nick-name.
I am very grateful to them for this. It is, in fact, the most blood-red among our wines and certainly the one in which I recognize myself the most.
The wine of Caserta lands has an intense and deep colour. It contains all the scents of an hostile but fertile land.
The palate is strong and intense with an extraordinary velvety and fruit touch.

Our land

Terra di Lavoro (Land of Work): this is the name given by history to this strip of land between Naples and Caserta. Here is located Teverola where we produce our wine.
I walk among people, along alleys and streets, through this slow and monotonous succession of days. Like a long journey, I recall the daily memory, from Prince Rainolfo the Norman to Alfonso of Aragon, from viceroys of Spain to sovereigns of Bourbon.
I pause for a moment in front of the noble austere palace, where Queen Giovanna, as a mantis, used killed her lovers to get rid of them. I think their soules have been transformed in the silent rains that seep softly through cellars, sunk in the millennial and obedient tufa caves, where the sparkling wines made of Asprinio grapes lie.

Surrounded by legend

According to legend, when Lucifer was cast from Paradise, he managed to take with him a strip of Eden and dropped it in the area where is now the Gulf of Naples. God heart-rending tears gave birth to vines. I love legends, simple and popular devotions, but above all I love nature’s endless seasons and its strength.
Strength means volcano, volcano means Vesuvio, with its crackled tongue of lava, its vapours and salt, its balm and fire.
Our vineyards, embracing slopes like golden bunches in a harry, as bright as summer stars, follow the bewitched and secret crater.
I press with my fingers a piedirosso grape and a drop drips like a silent and desperate crying, similar to a volcano’s tear.

Our history

Corrado Caputo and his sons, Mario and Nicola, innovated the family company, founded in 1890 and handed down for four generations, keeping on interpreting with passion the historical and cultural resources of Campania region wine production.
Caputo 1890 represents the synthesis between the respect of traditional wine practices and the introduction of the latest technologies. Following this philosophy, the company managed to produce high quality wines by which important national and international rewards have been achieved.
At the beginning, the production was concentred on Asprinio di Aversa grapes. Later wines of Vesuvio’s area (Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio white, red and rosé) were first added; then the production was extended to Irpinia (Greco di Tufo,

Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi) and Neapolitan area wines (Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei, Piedirosso dei Campi Flegrei, Gragnano della Penisola Sorrentina); and at the end wines from Sannio (Falanghina and Aglianico) and Caserta hills (Terre del Volturno, Casavecchia, Pallagrello and Falerno) were added.
The main cellar is located in the historic seat of the company, in Teverola, in the tufa caves of the family-owned eighteenth century palace, where Caputos have been producing the Caputo Brut sparkling wine for more than twenty years, following the classical method and with 100% of Asprinio di Aversa grapes: it is the result of years of passionate researches on this ancient and noble wine.