fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs

fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs

Fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs - Industrial Laser ...

Slugs that fall during the laser cutting process are handled as recycled scrap and there are specific steps in the laser cutting process when slugs are removed. For flat sheet metal components, the slugs fall free during cutting to a scrap conveyor or receptacle.

Industrial Laser Solutions - September/October 2016

Fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs Process could eliminate need for post-cutting detection equipment TOM KUGLER. technology report 22. Laser microfabrication in Lithuania Process knowledge fosters collaboration for cost-effective solutions SAULIUS MIKALAUSKAS and GEDIMINAS RAČIUKAITAS.

fiber laser cutting head, fiber laser cutting head

Fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs - Industrial Laser ... Often, the cutting head employs a crash-protection link between the robot and the cutting head to deal with collisions with the part or tooling, or the hazard of snagging the cutting head umbilical (including the fiber-optic cable), and damaging the fiber or …

5 commonly overlooked laser maintenance areas - The FABRICATOR

Most laser machines use an assist gas for cutting. Assist gas flows through the laser head and out the cutting nozzle with the laser beam to achieve a cleaner cut. Oxygen, nitrogen, and shop air are the most common assist gases. Oxygen requires the lowest flow, but …

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fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs; CNC combined profile cutter gear hob cutting head; Fish Head Cutter fish Tail Cutter fish Head Cutting Machine; industrial road header cutting drum; ... isis cutting head pope - Roadheader Cutting Machine. ISIS Depicts Beheaded Pope Francis, Vows ... - Geller Report.

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BM109 SERIES 1.5KW Auto-Focusing Laser Cutting Head - RayTools AG. The BM109 series are auto-focusing laser cutting heads released by RAYTOOLS AG …

fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs -

Fiber laser cutting heads detect slugs - Industrial Laser ... Recently, a Tier One automotive supplier of automated systems employed a slug detection solution that would have minimum cost and cycle-time implications. Get a Price; raytools laser head - Roadheader Cutting Machine.

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clearing slugs, dirt, and grease from the turret area. Over time slugs can build up under ... systems, combined punching/laser cutting systems, panel benders and automation systems). Prima Electro – industrial electronics and laser technologies: ... fiber laser, we achieved the growth we sought.

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temperature is monitored by a fiber optic IR sensor or an ES150 system to maintain consistency of the fiber glass strands and to prevent the spinner holes from clogging. Clogged holes can cause glass “slugs” to enter the glass mat. Hot glass slugs can ignite the backing paper of insulation many days after production is complete.

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Glass Fiber Safety Glass ... lens sighting, plus either laser or video sighting for correct target location. Simultaneous analog and/or digital ... products for the glass industry. All sensors are easily customized to fit your application. MP150 Linescanner – the cost-effective way

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