rock tunnel map fire red

rock tunnel map fire red

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The Rock Tunnel Connects Route 10 to Lavender Town. To get through, ... as the Rock types here are super effective against Fire types, ... Onix is the second Rock type Pokemon you encounter in the game following the Geodudes you ran into inside Mt. Moon.

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From here, head west a bit and then south and out of the cave! Now there are more trainers here, but if you are tired, sneak past them, head south and heal at the next town and then come back. From the exit of Rock Tunnel, the closest trainer is:

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The Rock Tunnel is a small two floored cave that sits in the middle of Route 10. It is always pitch black requiring the move Light Up to progress. This cave has many wild Pokémon and items within. Secret Techniques used in Rock Tunnel: Light Up

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Site Map; Standards; ... Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. Wiki Guide. Table of Contents. Rock Tunnel Last ... Rock Tunnel . Have you taught Flash to one of your Pokémon? If you have, select that ...

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