cost of vertical wind tunnel

cost of vertical wind tunnel

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Vertical tailor design, build and operate high quality vertical wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. Inspired by the futuristic vision of Dubai and supported by the quality of our Made in Italy, we aim to be the reference for the future of the human flight concept.

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- A high quality portable vertical wind tunnel will cost you anywhere from $300,000 - $750,000 US Dollars. This type of tunnel can accommodate skydivers as well as tourists, and can be relocated easily to locations with high volume traffic.

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A vertical wind tunnel (VWT) is a wind tunnel which moves air up in a vertical column. Unlike standard wind tunnels which have test sections that are oriented horizontally, as experienced in level flight, a vertical orientation enables gravity to be countered by drag instead of lift, ...

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Vertical wind tunnel flying has it's roots in propeller below flying systems. Many of the earliest tunnels used a propeller below system for the simplicity and low cost. The basic idea behind the propeller below system is a large prop spinning below a net creating a vertical wind flow after the propeller.

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A vertical "wind tunnel" used for indoor skydiving is different from a scientific wind tunnel that will produce repeatable data. If you were building a wind tunnel for engineering you would need to minimize variance as well as purchasing high-quality force balances and other testing equipment.

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Wind tunnel businesses are extremely profitable, but typically require $6-10 million of up-front investment. ... (which decreases your upfront cost). We offer a full iFLY franchise for a 7% royalty, which will give you immediate brand awareness and collateral. A franchise can significantly increase the value of your tunnel when you decide to exit.

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We have more reliable data with regard to the ITER wind tunnel, built in 2000-01. The whole cost of the wind tunnel, including power plant, work shop and control room, was 150.000,00 €. This wind tunnel was almost completely built with concrete.

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6/12/2014 · Here is a wind tunnel design that was developed at NASA Glenn during the Centennial of Flight Celebration in 2003. This tunnel can be built for less than $100 and uses a computer fan motor to move air past small models. Complete plans for the tunnel …

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BUSINESS WITH VERTICAL WIND TUNNELS Earn 52 617 Euro per month by making people’s dream of flying come true. Pay off period – 1 year International business trend Strong demand ... Average cost price of a minute of the wind tunnel. Profit: 52 618 Euro. Revenue: 61 839 Euro. Wind tunnel models.

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